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Price List - effective October 1, 2010. All prices are in US dollars.

Parts and accessories:
Racorder Model 8N VHS Clearance Sale$1290.00
Racorder Model 27 (Includes radar interface unit and cable)$2890.00
Analog Interface Unit for monochrome radars$199.00
Analog Interface Unit for color radars$249.00
Digital Interface Unit for Raytheon M-34 Monochrome Radar$249.00
Digital Interface Unit for radars with DVI video output$349.00
Digital Video Recorder/Player module for Model 27$1090.00
3' (1 meter) Analog Video Cable$36.90
5' (1.5 meter) Analog Video Cable$37.90
10' (3 meter) Analog Video Cable$39.90
16' (5 meter) Analog Video Cable$42.90
23' (7 meter) Analog Video Cable$46.90
33' (10 meter) Analog Video Cable$49.90
6' (1.8 meter) Digital DVI Video Cable$49.90
MAXELL MAX T-120 Video Tape (6 hours recording time)$9.95
Radio Mod Kit$39.90
Buffered Radio Mod Kit$49.90
Radio Mod Kit with Squelch Gate$49.90
Buffered Radio Mod Kit with Squelch Gate$59.90

Services provided by Racorder Marine:
Install Radio Mod Kit in our facility$95.00
Install Radio Mod Kit with Squelch Gate and/or Buffer in our facility$119.00
Basic service and upgrade of Racorder unit in our facility$249.00

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