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Connecting Ship's Radios to Racorder

Record your vessel's radar picture
and wheelhouse conversation
on common video media
  • Evaluate incidents and accidents
  • Reduce legal costs
  • Monitor performance of crew and equipment
Model 8N Model 27

When your vessel is involved in an accident, your legal expenses can sometimes run into the millions of dollars, regardless of whether or not your crew was at fault. Recordings from Racorder can substantially reduce your legal bills by providing immediate indisputable evidence which can make many lengthly lawsuits unnecessary.

The cost of equipping your entire fleet with Racorder will seem very small in light of the savings from one incident alone.

RACORDER can allow you to evaluate the performance of your wheelhouse crew and equipment under actual conditions. Study of the recordings can enhance safety and help to increase the efficiency of your wheelhouse crew.

RACORDER is an excellent tool for training pilots. Using a library of recordings, you can familiarize your crew with all parts of any waterway, updating as conditions change.

IF YOU ARE REQUIRED TO INSTALL A VDR: Consider using RACORDER along with your Voyage Data Recorder to provide instant access to the recorded radar picture and radio traffic for accident investigations or training purposes.

While VDR's meet various requirements very nicely, accessing the data they contain is at best somewhat tedious, and can be impractical for some purposes, such as taking a quick look at a situation or event. Recordings from RACORDER can be immediately viewed on a wheelhouse monitor or on any video system, and copies can readily be made without the use of special equipment.

The cost of installing Racorder will be a small percentage of the cost of your VDR installation and will be well worth the extra investment.

Racorder is distributed and serviced by numerous marine electronics dealers.
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